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What is the recommended image type and resolution for custom prints?Updated 2 months ago

Thank you for choosing to print your beautiful custom design with us! We recommend converting your image into a jpeg, jpg, or tiff file before uploading. For more specific resolution recommendations, check out the table below. These are the minimum image resolutions for the largest size of each layout:

Aspect Ratio  
Pixel Size  
File Size 
1 Horizontal  3:2 1050px X 700px 800kb 
3 Horizontal  3:2 1050px X 700px 800kb 
4 Horizontal 
1050px X 700px 800kb 
5 Horizontal 
1050px X 700px 900kb
1 Vertical 
600px X 1350px 900kb 
3 Vertical 
600px X 1350px 700kb 
1 Panoramic 
100px X 300px 700kb 
3 Panoramic 
100px X 300px 700kb 
4 Pop 
1050px X 700px 800kb 
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