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Get answers to your questions about our framed wall art options. We offer frames to suit every style and budget. Explore our wide selection.

What type of hanger is installed on the frames?

Our ready-to-hang canvas prints and framed canvas are installed with a sawtooth hanger, so you can simply take it out of the package and hang it in no-time. Our framed prints are conveniently installed with a dust cover and hanging wire. Need some ti

Are there options for colors of frames?

Yes! We have several stunning frame colors to choose from. We offer black, white, natural wood, gold, and silver frames! Find the perfect frame color and finish to suit your unique interior. See our complete guide to frame types here.

What are the frames made of?

Our canvas is stretched on a wooden frame in a gallery wrapped style, and we use the finest pine woods to ensure frames durability.

What is a framed canvas?

The framed canvas is just like our single-panel canvas. It is a gallery-wrapped artwork but has another wooden frame as the third layer, which creates an illusion that it is floating. It looks like that: Please keep in mind that, unlike the framed pr

What is the difference between a canvas print and a framed canvas?

Great question! A true canvas print does not have a visible frame. This means that the image wraps completely around the edges of the internal frame, creating a modern appearance. A framed canvas includes an exterior frame, giving the illusion that t

Are the frames made of MDF?

Nope! Our frames are crafted from 100% American poplar wood, ensuring durability and quality.