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Learn how to care for your artwork properly to ensure longevity. Our premium prints are easy to look after, as long as you follow a few tips.

Do you supply hanging hardware with your artworks?

Our ready-to-hang artwork comes with a pre-installed sawtooth hanger and hanging instructions. Need some tips for hanging your wall art? Check out "How to hang multi-panel wall art."

Can I hang my canvas print in the bathroom?

We use high-quality protective lamination, to ensure your canvas print is resistant and also remains sharp and vibrant year after year. For this reason, yes, you can. But be careful! It is safe to hang your wall art in the bathroom, as long as it is

Can I hang my artwork outside?

Our canvas arts are made for indoor use. However, you can hang your artwork outside only if it's a shaded area, as water, and/or direct sunlight will damage the artwork over time.

How do I care for my artwork?

Normally, your artwork will require swift dusting every now and then. In case you need to spot-clean the canvas, use a damp cloth. Do not use any detergents as they may cause a reaction with the ink and ruin the canvas.

How to hang multi-panel wall art?

Simply follow these steps to hang multi-panel wall art! Start with the middle panel. Add a small dot of toothpaste to the embossed circle of the sawtooth hanger. Press the frame to the wall, the toothpaste will then stick to the wall. Put your nail w

Can I use push pin on your artwork?

Our artwork is made of premium canvas, therefore, it is definitely possible to use push pins on it directly. However, please keep in mind that when you remove them, the push pins will leave holes in the canvas.

How far apart should I hang the panels?

We recommend leaving an inch space (1") between each panel when hung. For more tips on hanging your wall art, check out "How to hang multi-panel wall art"?

How is the hanger installed on multi panel canvas wall art?

We want to make the decorating experience easy and fun for you! That's why all our artworks are ready-to-hang! No matter the canvas layout you've selected, there is a sawtooth hanger installed on each one of the panels. Need help in hanging your mult

How do I clean my wall art?

Cleaning your canvas or framed print is simple! All you need to do is dust your print every once in a while to avoid buildup. For more information on keeping your print in perfect condition, view this article about how to clean your wall art.

How do I hang a gallery wall art?

We have plenty of step-by-step guides to walk you through the hanging process. For a comprehensive guide on hanging the perfect gallery wall, view this article. To learn more about hanging a multi-panel canvas print, peruse this blog post.

What are some mistakes to avoid?

There are a few do's and don'ts when it comes to taking care of your wall art. Most importantly, hang your art in a place where it won't be exposed to extreme moisture or sunlight. View our complete list.

How do I hang my wall art?

Most of our wall art comes with a pre-installed sawtooth hanger. Learn how to hang multi-panel prints here. You can also read this article about how to assemble and hang our large wall art.